Steering Committee

McCallum 60th Anniversary Steering CommitteeThe Steering Committee is rapidly forming and many prominent McCallum alums have signed on to make the 60th Anniversary year a successful one.

Many thanks to these people who have so generously agreed to a participate and support the effort.

  • Cari Clark, co-chair
  • Gareth Cook
  • Tommy Cowan, co-chair
  • Sam Gainer
  • Bobby Green
  • Mike Harris
  • Emma Lea King Mayton
  • Ed Small

Additional members added from inception, post piano event:

  • Elaine Davis
  • Susan Hutchison
  • Alice Moore
  • Sandra Segrest
  • James Perry
  • Lynn Wilkinson

60th Anniversary Celebration

The 2013-2014 school year marks the 60th anniversary of McCallum High and we are celebrating!

Throughout the coming year, we’ll be hosting a series of interest group-based activities, led by prominent McCallum alums, to help us have a wildly successful donor year.

Whether you were a twirler, an honor student, a member of the Blue Brigade, or in the chess club, we want to welcome you back to discover for yourself the best kept secret in Austin – the quality students of today’s McCallum High School.

The band will march back onto the field at a football game. Golfers, past and present, will tee up for a golf tournament. Alum faculty will get a hall pass to celebrate, and who knows what else. Bring your creativity to the table and let’s have some fun!

We will cap off the year of donor funded celebrations with a black tie gala to recognize our volunteers and donors.

We have big goals and plan to have a good time so come be a part of it. Events are being organized now, so contact us today to get involved.

Tommy Cowan 512-762-5317