On a Quest to Find Every McCallum Knight

McCallum Knights on a Quest

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The process of locating and communicating with all the McCallum High School alumni has been…well, a process. In this day and age of social media, it is a bit easier, but still, lots of people are not on social. And, lots of people do not like leaving a trail. So, we thought we would share with you the process we are using to find every McCallum Knight so you can perhaps help us in our quest.

To date, we are acquiring all group members – football players, Blue Brigade members, National Honor Society members, for example – from the listings in the yearbooks. The school has been diligent enough to collect the past yearbooks and has been gracious enough to let us regularly visit their collection to acquire the names.

We have taken HD digital pictures of the names (yes, I love my phone!) and then typed them into a spreadsheet. For those of you out there crying “Dummy, just use classmates.com”, we would have to respond back “Resolution!”. We tried that and many of the yearbooks online do not have sufficiently detailed resolution to read the names. So, we sit in the library many mornings to acquire our names.

Then, we find the names and addresses, usually with about a 60% success rate. We have several online and offline sources that we use and have found that very few sources have emails. Emails would be better, as it can get costly to hard-copy mail everyone, but thanks to our generous sponsors, we are doing it.

This last week, we completed the mailing for football players and cheerleaders. This week, we are working on band and Blue Brigade. We are speaking to reunion groups who have databases, Facebook groups, booster clubs, and more. We are on a quest to find every McCallum Knight because this year will be so much more fun with everyone involved.

How can you help? Spread the word! Contact us here and we will send you an email to send out. Sign up for our newsletter and share it. Share this post – social media buttons are right on the page.

Go, Knights!

14 thoughts on “On a Quest to Find Every McCallum Knight

  1. I am a McCallum alum (1974) & have a son currently at McCallum. I have not heard anything specific about the 60th exept in the McKnightly news.
    I played football & baseball.

    • Craig,
      Thanks for commenting. The hardest part of the job we are hoping to accomplish is finding all the alumni. We are working every day to find more and are happy to find them when we do. It’s a big job, one we are happy to be doing. We need people, like yourself, who likely know others who also need to be plugged in, to help us. I will email you directly as well, so that we can include you in future activities.

      Glad you are now connected – we would love for you to attend the Homecoming event and be recognized for your participation in football, as well as participate in all the other activities planned for this year. Thanks for stopping by! Glad to meet you.

      Vicki Flaugher, MAC60th events coordinator

  2. Several of my friends have received info on the 60th anniversary functions. I have not, nor has my husband. Please add us to your mailing list and e-mail list.

    Bonnie Philquist Tobin – MHS Class ’64
    Ronald L. Tobin – MHS Class ’62

    Address – 3103 Brass Buttons Trail – Austin, TX 78734
    E-mail – bonnie@tobininc.biz or ron@tobininc.biz


    • Bonnie,

      Done – and please, jump in and get involved – we have big plans and plenty to do! I will email you to discuss.

      Vicki Flaugher, MAC60 event coordinator

    • Welcome home, Robert – hope you can make it out to our events this year. I look forward to meeting you!

      Vicki Flaugher, MAC60 event coordinator

  3. I am a 1970-71 graduate and am part of my class reunion.
    I would like more information about this event.
    My home information is:
    Ramon F. Martinez Jr
    821 Coyote Lane
    Leander, Texas 78641
    ph: (cell) 512 516-5066
    DOB: 06/15/1953 I was born the same year McCallum became a High School.
    yep I’m 60 years old as of June 15th.
    After 21 years of military service. Served at:
    Ft Wainwright, Alaska (Fairbanks) 1973-1974
    Ft. Sam Houston, Texas (San Antonio) 1974-1977
    Ferris Kasern FRG 1977-1981
    Ft. Polk, LA (Leesville) 1981-1985
    Youngsan, ROK (DMZ-WESTERN CORRIDOR) 1985-1986
    Ft. Plolk, La (Leesville) 1986-1988
    Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas 2005-2008
    Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq (Ballad) 2008-2009
    Wounded Warrior Unit 2009-2010 Ft Hood, Texas (Killeen)
    Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas 2010-2011 (Retired)

    • Thanks for all the info, Ramon. I will email you under separate cover to fill you in to all the events. Glad you’re here!

      Vicki Flaugher, MAC60 event coordinator

  4. Hi,
    This link was sent to me by another alumni from my class (’89) via Facebook. I had no idea so much was happening for McCallum’s 60th! I was in track, Blue Brigade, NHS, and a section of the ’89 yearbook called the Roundtable (?). I’ve recently become engaged to another alumni, Ben Lowry, also from ’89. Please add me to the email list for future mailings. I’m trying to clear my calendar to be at the game next Friday.
    ~Alison Worth Foster

    • Alison – glad you found us – please get involved – we have a full year ahead of us and we definitely want all alumni to come back home! :-)

      Go, Knights!

      Vicki Flaugher, MAC60 event coordinator

  5. My husband, Frank Russell, is a 1972 graduate of Mccallum. We currently have a junior at McCallum and we also have a19 year old who graduated from McCallum. The only way we heard about all the alumni events was from the yahoo group. Can you include us in the emails specifically for the alumni events. My husband’s brother Randy Russell, was also a graduate of McCallum in 1968. I’ll be sending him this link.


    • Our biggest challenge, in a volunteer organization, is having enough time and fingers to get the word out as fast as we can. Thank you for passing info on to Randy and all others in your circle. Hope to see you at one of the 20+ events planned this year. Nice to meet you!

      Vicki Flaugher, MAC60 Events Coordinator

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