McCallum High KnightCalling all Knights – it’ s time to come home!

Welcome to the McCallum High 60th Anniversary website. We are glad you are here.

Throughout the 2013-2014 school year, we will be hosting a series of fundraising events and celebrations to commemorate not only our past 60 years, but help build our future.

And, YOU are invited!

An Idea Was Born

Instead of the traditional class year reunion style gatherings, we thought it would be fun to invite alumni back to the school based on the activity they participated in while attending. We imagined inviting the football players back to be featured at a football game, golfers back to play in a tournament, music students back to attend concerts, and more.

The idea was born and is now growing

How We Are Doing It

Our partnership with the school began with planning meetings for each event, with both current MAC reps and alumni. Each group decided what they wanted to do, with an eye to fundraising for the school while welcoming back the various interest groups.

Once the idea caught on, the current faculty jumped on the train and we started moving forward at breakneck speed. There are over 20 events planned this year, many which will attract alumni of all interests group, and all which any alumni, as well as community supporters and the general public, are welcome to join in.

To locate alumni, we researched the yearbooks and identified who did what while in school. Then we used the latest alumni directory, social media, phone books, reunions groups, MyLife.com, Classmates.com, and more to begin to get contact information. We started by snail mailing folks because we have so few email addresses, but hope to get easier (and more affordable) means online to keep the communication going.

The events slated will include concerts, sports tournaments, awards banquets, and a year end gala in May, where we will recognize our successes and everyone involved. It will be an exciting and fun year!

Why We Are Doing It

Public school education financing is a quagmire. We all love our children and want them to have a good education, but we don’t always agree on how to fund that.

Instead of joining the trend of charter schools or private school migration, we felt that supporting our alma mater with our mentorship, sponsorship, and funds was a viable option. We decided to put our money where our hearts are.

Our goal this year is to raise at least $100k for the school. The events will be designed to be fun, meaningful, interactive with today’s students, and fundraising successes. We hope to prove out a model of financial support that can be replicated to other schools.

We also know that extra curricular activities keep students in school, increase graduation rates, and produce more capable citizens. It was kind of a no-brainer to get behind the idea of putting our loyalty to work for the future.

Where We Are Headed

We have officially formed a true alumni association, so activities will hopefully be going on for years to come. Our mission is less about reminiscing about days gone by (although we will certain do plenty of that) and more about being a fundraising support for the school ongoing. This is our start.

Our first goal is to do our best to contact all alumni, which is our biggest first hurdle, one that will likely take most of the year. There is no centralized database with current information so we are building that as we go.

We need you to help us locate your classmates, former teachers, coaches, and staff. We want everyone to be accounted for – no Knight will be left behind. We intend to also document the Knights that have passed on, to pay  proper respect to those who came before us and who are no longer here to share in our effort. Once a Knight, always a Knight.

Our Inaugural Event

Our first event, a kickoff concert featuring Grammy award winning Texas music legend, Floyd Domino, happened on April 28th, 2013. We invited Floyd to christen a beautiful 1972 handmade concert grand piano with an evening of boogie-woogie, classic country, and jazz musical numbers.

The students of McCallum Fine Arts Academy joined Floyd and his band in two finale numbers and impressed and delighted all who attended. Best of all, we were successful at paying for that piano!

Get Involved!

There are tons of ways you can help with this effort. It will take a village to make this year the best year ever for McCallum and we have no doubt that you have something to share toward the cause.

Enjoy concerts, sports tournaments, plays, and social gatherings? Please attend the events. We are scheduling events and announcing them here at this site. Share the word about what we are up to with your social community online and your work and church community at home.

Have a business that could benefit from being in front of thousands in your local community? Get involved by signing up to sponsor the year long celebration or individual events. There are opportunities from $50 to $20K, with creative options, such as in-kind services, available. Let’s design something that works for everyone, ok?.

Like to meet new people and connect with old friends? Mix it up and volunteer to help us put on the events. We need helpers for data entry, social media, web maintenance, fundraising, phone banking…you name it, we could use it. We are a volunteer run organization.

Good at social media or PR? Connect with us on Facebook, and help us keep people informed. If anything else occurs to you on how you can help, contact us by clicking here with your ideas and suggestions.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to getting to know you. Welcome home.

Go, Knights!