Call for McCallum School Alumni Memorabilia

McCallum High MemorabiliaClean out your closets, rummage through your storage units, and show us your memorabilia!

We have been contacted by numerous alumni asking about what to do with their historical McCallum High School memorabilia – old yearbooks, pictures, Blue Brigade uniforms (do you still fit into yours?), trophies, banners, and more. Some of it is their own, and some of it is coming from estates of Knights who have passed. They do not want to throw it out so they are reaching out to us about what to do.

Here is what we have decided.

  • We will be selecting some of the more iconic pieces to display in historical display cases at the school.
  • For duplicates or specific earmarked contributions, we will auction off some items at the end of year gala to raise funds.
  • For pieces that are fun to share, but we do not have sufficient room to display, we will be taking high definition digital pictures of and hope to make a picture book, that we will also sell to raise funds.

Side note – YES, we are helping to raise money for the school, AND we are wanting to share the Knights spirit with the world. Our mission this year is to raise $100,000 plus for today’s students and this is one of the many ways we might achieve that goal.

The Steering Committee has acquired access to a storage unit and are accepting memorabilia contributions from alumni. Contact us at 512-961-6220 or via our contact page.

Show us your stuff! You get extra points if you tell us the story behind it too – we will publish those stories and pictures of the items as we get them.

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